Keyloggeraudio PC device – What is?

Keyloggeraudio is a professional device (pendrive+software) monitoring the computer with an additional function of surrounding listening-in.

The device is useful for computer control in a company, at home, for the Internet parental control etc. Keyloggeraudio functions include hardware and software monitoring (computer keylogger functions) and (audio!)

The Retriever PC monitoring software (keyloggeraudio) is our most advanced suite of monitoring software. Not only is it both a keylogger and screen capturing program, it can also record all audio (audio capture) from the speakers and microphones of the computer and email all that data directly to you! This makes it the perfect software for monitoring all activity on your computer such as Facebook, AIM, Google, and even VOIP and video chat services such as Skype.

Listening-in – no need for any interception transmitter installation in the room in which there is the computer, laptop, notebook !

Ideal for remote protection areas where  is your computer !!!

Can be used on many computers at once !!!

The device allows for descret observation of the computer user.

Thanks to the device you can learn about:
• all the conversations near the computer (listening-in) and all VoIP( Internet messengers) conversations (Skype, icq etc…)
• all the texts typed, all the programs started and all the Internet activity.
• all the actions on the computer screen. (screenshots and screenshots multiple monitors)

Audio recording, messengers (VoIP) and room listening-in.
Undetectable by devices such as NJLD, OSCOR, PIRANHA etc.!

Improper use of the product may constitute a breach of provisions of the law under Art. 265, 266, 267 i 268 Polish Penal Code. The vendor, distributor and manufacturer are not responsible for the improper or illegal use of the product. The product must not be used to infringe the law. The product does not breach the license terms and conditions of other software.

keyologgeraudio rec

keyloggeraudio rec